Continews, a forward-thinking manufacturing company in the digital display mount industry, has long been heralded for creating the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective flat screen and monitor mounting systems for both home entertainment and business applications. For over 30 years, the team at Continews has been at the forefront of product research and design, and the passion our team has for creating world-class products is matched in kind by consumers with an appreciation for exceptional mounting solutions.

Functionality and comfort are the driving factors behind all that we create. Our products are carefully manufactured to ensure end-user comfort, during even the longest of workdays. With features like dynamic height adjustability, gas spring arm mechanisms, and vertical and horizontal display options, your team can put their screens right where they want – and need – them the most. Further view-enhancing options like screen tilt and rotation make it easy to tweak any workstation to a user's exacting standards. And because our products feature easy installation, set-up, and removal, changing your display or even moving to a completely new location can often be achieved in a matter of moments.

Recognizing that not every workspace is built from the same blueprint, with each location providing its own set of challenges and space limitations, we've created additional accessories and mounts to answer the call. Is a corner the only place you can install a mount? We have a solution for that. Desk space is limited and you can support pole mounts, or have you been eyeing track walls, in an effort to make the most of your environment? Continews has you covered there, too. Whether it's single flat-panel monitors, multi-unit displays, wall, corner, or ceiling mounts, or even one of our ultra-reliable mobile rolling carts, the safety and comfort of your team are always at the center of everything we do.