Medical Track System

Technology is driving today’s patient care in ways never before seen. By combining world-class treatments delivered by skillful providers with groundbreaking advancements in information technology, facilities are ensuring that patients in their care experience top-notch service and better outcomes. That’s why the most sought after healthcare facilities rely on Continews medical workstation solutions.

Through a second-to-none approach in manufacturing all of our products, we’ve implemented many design features with both the end-user and the patient in mind. Our wall and ceiling mounted workstations feature multiple points of articulation for versatility with a space-saving design for easy storage when not in use. For point-of-care documentation, our mobile carts allow clinicians to transport an entire assortment of devices by their side. By creating a mobile solution capable of housing single and multiple LED screens, as well as laptops and tablets, with storage space for all necessary components including keyboards and power supplies, clinicians can maximize their productivity while reducing the number of trips they take.

All of our products supply unmatched degrees of device positioning, with varying amounts of vertical and horizontal adjustability. Screen mounting brackets offer multiple view-enhancing benefits, including tilt and pivot options. Some additional features common to our medical workstations include ergonomic grip handles that prevent wrist strain and fatigue, expandability to support the installation of accessories, and security features, including CPU straps and anti-theft locks.