Medical Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounted monitors provide such an abundance of great features, that it’s no wonder why so many healthcare organizations are using them in their facilities. Our ceiling monitor mounts are found in treatment rooms around the world and are favored by clinicians for their ability to deliver unparalleled performance for both the patient and the care provider.

As the need for technology in the workspace increases, the availability of floor space is rapidly decreasing, lost to the necessity of critical, life-preserving equipment. A ceiling mount maximizes what precious space is available, while also supplying a host of benefits that other mounting devices simply can’t. This includes unobstructed 180° - 360° positioning. Dual-arm design with multiple points of articulation provides the ultimate in customizable viewing options. Vertical and horizontal adjustability accommodates users of all heights, and the mounting arm can be smoothly positioned in close proximity to supine or seated patients, for viewing of pertinent medical data. The non-porous exterior rejects the accumulation of bacteria and is easy to sanitize as needed. Designed with our customer-favorite cable management system, cords are kept neat and organized while obstructed from public view. And in keeping with modern workplace ergonomic standards, we’ve included an easy-grip handle to prevent wrist fatigue and strain, even with frequent use.