Medical Wall Mounts

In medical facilities across the world, space is oftentimes extremely limited in patient treatment areas. Continews medical wall mounts utilize a slim, low profile design that allows for easy positioning wherever they’re needed, and for flat storage against the wall when not. By incorporating a dual-arm design and multiple points of articulation during the design process, our mounts deliver an uncompromised measure of accessibility. Varying degrees of vertical and horizontal adjustability and extension means your screen can be right where you need it the most. The screen mounting brackets enhance views with options such as tilt and pivot. Our wall mounts not only work great – they look great, too. With a sleek modern appearance that’s further accentuated with an on-board cable management system, there’ll be no tangled cords and no wires out in public view.

In keeping with advancements in modern workplace ergonomics, we’ve included an easy-grip handle to reduce the likelihood of fatigue or strain, especially with extended use. And since the health and wellness of those in your care – as well as that of your staff – should never be compromised, special attention has been given to ensure our products adhere to infection control standards. From non-porous surfaces that are simple to disinfect to industrial-grade materials that won’t rust or corrode, no detail was spared in making sure that our medical wall mounts meet all government and federal agency protocols for hygiene.