The Mount That’s Guaranteed To Work With Your Slatwall

Slatwall is a mainstay in the business world, favored for its easy installation and rotation of merchandising displays and computer monitors. And while their usefulness can certainly justify the expense of converting traditional walls into a Slatwall arrangement, there’s something you should know:

Not all slatwalls are created equal.

The actual grooves built into the walls consist of varying heights and depths, which can be problematic when trying to purchase the necessary mounting brackets for your computer screens. This creates two possible scenarios when determining which mount will fit your needs.

The first involves getting out a tape measure or trying to hunt down a list of specs, then wasting days and weeks sorting through a multitude of retailers in hopes of finding the best price, and then having to install everything and hope that you didn’t make a mistake when taking your measurements.


You could eliminate all of those steps and buy a mount that is guaranteed to work with your slatwall.

Universal Solution

Continews offers an assortment of slatwall mounts for your business or home. What sets these models apart from others on the market is that they’re versatile and can be used with any make or model of slatwall on the market today.

No matter the size, depth, or height, these mounts will fit your specific situation. And should your business ever change out their slatwall configuration, these mounts will adapt to your new setup as well.

There isn’t another mount available today that provides the same level of flexibility. Period.

Features Galore

Slatwalls may represent a modern aesthetic in workplace design, and the mounts on which your trust your screens should do the same.

Whether you’re hanging a single screen, a pair for increased productivity, or even as many as three so multiple users can benefit from a single storage solution, there’s a mount built for you.

Available options for multiple displays include those stack monitors one on top of the other or house them side-by-side. Some options feature curved ends that help provide full immersion for end-users.

Other features include swivel functionality and tilt, so users can adjust the screens to whichever angle provides the most comfort, especially in employees who may need to work independent of a desk but still require a view of their screen. Equally impressive is that any of these mounts can be configured to work with PC and Apple products (additional adapter required).

Slatwall Sophistication

If your organization already has, or is planning on incorporating slatwalls into its design, then be sure to secure your screens with the only mounting solution that can accommodate and grow with your brand!