There's a reason why Continews mounts are a favorite among businesses that have been in operation for years, and in some cases, even decades. It's because our unique approach to product design, implementing future-proof schematics, makes our mounting solutions scalable through the addition or subtraction of individual components. The products you buy today can grow as you grow or scale down should the need ever arise. That's why we've been a preferred vendor for those in need of mounting products – because in many cases, we've been with them since the day they opened their doors.

Our product monitor system – a proprietary design that allows for the addition, removal, or reconfiguration of your workstation in an effortless and non-disruptive way – ensures that your investment in Continews is sustainable and valuable. Featuring nested racks, display arms that swing and swivel, and mounting brackets that expand from single-to-double and double-to-triple monitor support, our storage solutions can accommodate the need of every workstation and project. When paired with any of our wide assortment of premium accessories, you can build out your mount to match the challenges of your specific situation. We didn't just create workstations to fill your needs today – we built them to answer tomorrow's call.

We value the brands that provide them with the state-of-the-art mounting products they need to operate their businesses most efficiently and profitably possible. Our attention to detail is evident in every aspect of our offerings, from the light yet durable materials used during production, our environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing process, and the ways through which our product monitor system grows to meet both your needs and the ever-changing requirements of modern technology. The first Continews mount you buy may be the only one you'll ever need, and that's a commitment we're proud to stand behind.