Expandable & Upgradable

As your business grows, the need for additional technological solutions to keep up with the extra demand will be needed. Continews products are designed to support your brand both now and in the future. Our line of expansion accessories makes it easy to add on and modify your current mount to accommodate your ever-changing needs. Built from the same durable, industrial-grade materials used in all of our products, our accessories easily integrate with many of Continews monitor mounts, displays, storage carts, and other offerings in our extensive catalog.

A common requirement for businesses experiencing a period of growth is for additional monitors. Whether creating more workstations for the new talent on your roster or a need to manage multiple data streams, adding extra screens to one of our industry-preferred mounts can allow you to maximize your office space. Turn a single screen display into a solution for a pair of screens; double up on your current four-screen display and expand to eight. Planning on upgrading to larger screens or installing Apple products? We have a line of adapters designed to match both VESA and non-VESA patterns, many of which feature quick installation and require no special tools or extensive mechanical aptitude. Add on, remove, scale up for a complicated new project and scale back whenever the time is right – all made possible with Continews.

Customers that utilize our rolling laptop carts enjoy the functionality and mobility that comes with a sturdy, stable, and highly efficient tech solution when on the go. Customize your cart to fit whatever the workday gives you by adding just the right accessories to boost your productivity. From laptop and keyboard trays to height adjusters and adapters that support multiple VESA mounting patterns, we have a comprehensive mounting package ready for you if you have a screen.