Corner TV/ Monitor Wall Mount - Spring Arm w/ Two Orientations

Sometimes, the corner is the best place for display. Without the right equipment, it might be difficult to keep your TV or monitor display in place. Buy Corner TV Wall Mount - Spring Arm w/ Two Orientations to get the best viewing angle.

Corner Viewing

You might have a room or office where the corner pillar or wall protrudes into the room. This might create two sections of the room. If you have a TV, you want everyone to be able to see it. That is where our Continews TV wall mount with height adjustment can help. This mount fits most 32-inch to 50-inch flat panels. It can carry 29.7 lbs maximum weight. You can tilt it forward 25 degrees and backward 90 degrees. This mount is optimized for premium viewing. This allows you to reduce glare. You can adjust the TV height with the spring arm. This arm extends the TV off your wall, so you have easy access to the cables. Our rock-solid construction ensures that your TV stays in place.

Two Orientations

We, at Continews, have tried to think of everything. Our TV wall mount with height adjustment works with plasma, LCD, and LED televisions. Plus, you can even rotate it between portrait and landscape orientations. How does this work? This mount has a two-directional wall mount bar of 31.5 inches. You may place the TV at different spots on the bar to provide you with either portrait or landscape orientation. Add a little TV viewing versatility with Continews TV mounts.

Continews Versatility

We also make our TV wall mount with height adjustment easy to install or remove. We know that you might have a hectic schedule. Our quick-release feature makes installation and removal extremely easy. Save time and enjoy a great TV viewing experience. This might be ideal for the big game. Mount your TV on the regular corner wall. Continews is all about creating ergonomic tools to help you complete your tasks easily or enjoy your day. When you have ergonomic equipment, your body feels better. Head, neck, back, and spine pain can be very tricky. The damage might be slow to build up. Then suddenly, it can prevent you from even completing common tasks. Be proactive. Our Corner TV Wall Mount - Spring Arm w/ Two Orientations can allow you to remain relaxed while viewing your favorite shows.