Continews Distinct Advantages

Continews offers a wide assortment of mounting solutions for both personal and commercial use. All of our models are manufactured to exacting standards and with the highest quality materials available. Built-to-last durability, security, and the upmost measure of stability of any mounting tool, Continews mounts also implement extraordinary features that are unique our products.

A Mount for Every Need: No matter your environment or the special challenges it presents, Continews has a solution to put your monitor right where you need it the most.

We offer products for desks (including clamp-on, grommets, bolt-through, and free standing), traditional wall and slatwall installation, unique surfaces with 7-in-1 functionality, and tables with tracts. And if your situation falls outside of any of these examples, we can create a customizable option for you.

With Continews, there simply isn’t anywhere that we can’t put a mount.

Universal Solution for All Devices: If it has a screen, Continews can mount it. PC monitors, tablets, laptops, and TVs can all displayed securely with our mounts. That also goes for Apple aficionados, too. Your iPads and Macbooks will look great when housed in a product from Continews!

With our multi-unit displays, mix and match your favorite devices and store them all on a single mount. Our catalog includes displays capable of accommodating up to 9 individual items, so no matter the size of your screen(s), you’ll always have a great view!

Note that some devices may require the use of an additional adapter, sold separately.

Most Amount of Height Adjustability on the Market: Continews mounts are built with our exclusive spring arm technology, which provides an unmatched level of height adjustability within the monitor mounting industry.

With 17.7” (450mm) dynamically, or 70° upward and 50° downward, you can easily transition from sitting-to-standing positions without losing view of your screen. A must-have for anyone that constantly needs to change positions while using their screens.

Cross-compatibility: Our dynamic height adjustable spring arms are such a favorite feature of our mounts, that we want everyone to be able to experience their convenience and practicality. That means that even if your device isn’t a 100% authentic Continews mount, you can still have 17.7” of maximum height adjustability!

Applicable to VESA 100 X 100 Mounts, simply install our revolutionary spring arm along the Y-axis, and enjoy the same sit-to-stand transitions as with our in-house models. Should you need even more height adjustability or additional weight support, we offer customizable solutions.

Have a question about the specific features of any of our premier mounting solutions, or need help picking out just the right model for your needs? Drop us a line at 1-888-891-9321 and we’ll be in touch!